We have spent two decades understanding this two extreme terroirs, obtaining the honest personality of the fresh and elegant wines from our Mountain Grown vines, and the citric and mineral wines from our Southermost vines.





Wines that grow in and around the nettles and briars [espinos]

This wines are called Espino after the nettles and briars [espinos] in and around the vineyards were they grow. The wines are more naturally made in the new world style and seek express a purity of fruit alongside the richness of barrel ageing.



Our single vineyard wines...

Our Espino Gran Cuvée are single lot / vineyard wines that have been selected over many years as more age-worthy wines that offer more structure and complexity. The oak from the barrel aging lends a restrained finesse and let's the natural fruit and tannin express themselves in harmony.



Our Mountain Grown Blends...

Chacai is made from our San Juan de Pirque farm at almost 1,000 meters above sea level. The vineyard is in a creek called Chacai, that means in our native language "espino negro" (black thorn tree), this land is privileged to combine the round stoned soils of the alluvial river bed of the Maipo River with a partial intrusion of cracked colluvial stones from the Andean gullies above. 



 The hidden star of our chorus... 

Cabernet Franc has been the hidden protagonist of our best wines, an outstanding singer in our chorus. But time is fair and Cabernet Franc has become the star. The secret ingredient, the transformer, the enhancer today is over the scenario. Such purity is difficult to express in one language so we invited the mother languages of the winery and the universal English to participate in her wedding dress label. Ladies and gentlemen... The Franq Rouge!



Pure Minerality of SouthernMost...

This wine is produced with grapes from dry land of Malleco Valley, in the extreme southernmost of Chilean wine land, where a few wineries started to produce fruit just a generation ago. A wine with character and identity, showing freshness and passion on the glass, reflecting a place, and origin, a terroir. A new age and a new concept of what means Southermost in Chile.